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B2 Multilevel Marketing

Excellent Programs for Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales companies who are looking to increase their distributor’s long-term results, engagement, and
loyalty to the company.

Rafael delivers keynotes, webinars, training, and programs on Attitude, Interactions
(relationships, communication, public Speaking), and Self Directed Mindset that provide easy-to-implement ideas, tools, and follow-up sessions to improve performance in building a strong network through relationships, communication, and

Rafael shares his auto follow-up system “Learning Partners” unlike anyone else and has 22 successful years of delivering to MLM and DS companies in 15 countries of the American Continent and Europe.

A.I.M. Your distributors towards results

Attitude. Interactions. Mindset.
  • Change your habits, change your life.
  • Your Renaissance.
  • Living Fearless to Fall.
  • The Power of One Decision.
  • Principles for Better Relationships.
  • 7 “D” for Success.
  • Natural Leadership.
  • S.H.E.R.P.A. Leadership.

Some of Rafael Ayala's Multilevel Marketing Clients

We would love to hear from you. Let us know any questions you have about Rafael's B2M service.

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