"Change starts by understanding others."

Rafael Ayala

Business to Hispanic Companies or with hispanic workforce

This is perfect for Hispanic Companies and/or Companies with Hispanic labor (workforce) who are looking to improve their people’s performance, productivity, teamwork and engagement; and decrease their turn overs, conflicts and misunderstandings.

Rafael Ayala delivers Keynotes, seminars and programs on cultural comprehension, attitude, communication, mindset, habits and self satisfaction at work, that provide communication design tools, emotional skills tools and work satisfaction assessment.

Unlike anyone else, Rafael knows American and Latino cultures and understands Hispanic’s mindset, paradigms, work perspective and emotional behaviors. He helps customers deliver to their Hispanic partners and collaborators an
engaging, inspiring, insightful and culturally customized learning experience.

B2BH Programs

  • Inspiring Hispanic Workforce.
  • Understanding Latino Culture.
  • Self Management.
  • Positive Attitude Towards Change.
  • Effectiveness Principles.
  • Collaboration Principles.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Special.

Have any questions about Rafael's B2BH service? Let us know how can we help you.

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