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PEAS™ is a Post Event Accountability System designed to increase and measure the level of application of the knowledge acquired by the participant at any learning event.


Register Objectives

Based on the content of the learning event, the participant records professional goals and short-term commitments to achieve them.

PEAS Sessions

An accompanying coach helps each participant to fine-tune his or her commitments and objectives, calls for accountability and motivates him or her to fulfill their commitments.


Documents that measure the progress and level of fulfillment of the participant's commitments are generated.


The participants of the event fulfill their commitments, your clients get results and you become the star.


For the acilitator / speaker

  • Expand the impact of your event with one-on-one accountability sessions.

  • Turn your services into measurable results.

  • Be a guarantee of results for your clients.

  • Earn extra income at any of your events.

  • No need to invest time, we will do the work for you.


For the client

  • Measurable results from your training events and conferences.

  • Assistants achieve professional and personal goals.

  • Impact on the company’s objectives.

  • Service available for as many participants as the client wishes.

  • One-on-one sessions with an accountability coach at an affordable price.

We would love to answer any questions you have about PEAS. Get in touch with us.

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