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Business Transformation


Inspiring, spirit lifting, instructing and they allow participants change their mental models;covering topics such as attitude, teamwork, organizational culture, leadership in times of innovation and generational diversity, conflict resolution, technology and new ways of working; communication, emotional intelligence and more. Focusing completely on effectiveness these exhibitions are ideal as part of a training program, at conventions, conferences and special meetings.
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Build awareness, motivation and inspiration at your events. Dynamic keynotes focused on raising the spirit of your audience, with content for them; focused on the professional and personal development of their teams.
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Revealing expositions on the risks, advantages and alternatives of family businesses. Practical ideas to advance the process of institutionalization and survival for generations. Ideas that help know the decisions and actions that will act in favor of the family, their heritage and the company.
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Rafael Ayala has collaborated with companies in these fields in Latin America, the United States and Europe with more than 360 exhibitions between workshops and keynotes. It addresses issues related to strategy, human relations, professionalism, networking and monitoring, work system, business mindset, public speaking, doing business as a couple and of course motivation.
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Personal Transformation


Reflection, good humor, wowing anecdotes and practical ideas to make couples, not only identify and have fun, but put in practice principles that will improve the quality of their relationship, ways in whcich they can understand each other better, strengthen communication and bring love back to life. The result of these keynotes is incredible.
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Fun and inspiring lectures on managing emotions, challenges and responsibilities that woman have. Women as entrepreneurs, family educators, professionals and beings in permanent growth.
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Keynotes for students, parents and teachers. Students will get dynamic and thought-provoking keynotes that provide tools for decision-making, harnessing their abilities, and improving their interpersonal relationships. For parents, they're focused on providing practical ideas for educating their children in these challenging family times. For teachers we offer programs that revive their vocation, we provide techniques to sow principles in students and improve their relationship with parents and colleagues.
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Highly inspiring conferences that through empathy and laughter open the hearts of young people to reflect, analyze and become more aware of their decisions and the consequences they entail. Topics include character building, values, principled living, friendship, etc.
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Take your Keynote to the next level

Extend and increase the impact of the keynote on the attendees, our personal accountability system, PEAS, helps you do this.
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